Due to the Corona pandemie, module 3 has to be postponed to autumn 2020.
It will take place from Oct. 22 to Nov. 2, 2020 in Morocco.





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Learn from twelve pioneer transpersonal psychotherapists from around the world for this life-changing opportunity.

The International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy Freiburg (I.I.B.P.) announces an exciting 4-and-a-half year, deeply experiential and certified educational training program focusing on everything you ever wanted to know about Transpersonal Psychotherapy.  You will be instructed in the theory and practice of transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual development as they are taught by the main transpersonal schools of Germany, France, Russia, Spain, and in the USA.
Modules can also be booked separately, for more information check the Program.


Nothing is more consequential for our lives than the nature and quality of our relationships.
Good relationships are crucial for all healing processes of the soul. Furthermore, quite a few people recognize that in many professional areas “good contact “ does not only create a better atmosphere of cooperation, but also a more satisfying professional effectivity.


All trainers of “The Healing Field” regard “healing relationships” as the base of their therapeutic work. Quite a few of them are leaders of influential transpersonal training centers in their respective countries. 


In each of our relationships - with lovers, colleagues, and friends, with animals, plants, with the Earth, last not least also with ourselves - we feel from time to time challenged and pushed to the “repertoire-borders” of our personalities. Here, people often get

helpless and lost, since they can’t satisfactorily solve the situation anymore through means habitually available to them (or that had been available in the framework of traditional therapy or counseling).

In our training “The Healing Field “, we offer transpersonal perspectives for a new and more fulfilling way to form relationships; “ transpersonal “in the sense that they go far beyond the learned and customary possibilities of personal behavior. They will allow you to experience contact with yourself and with people and projects in your surroundings in a new and different manner. At the same time, they will continually invite you to question your consensual worldview, which might seem to have become natural.


This training is not for everyone, just as transpersonal psychotherapy is not what everyone needs or should have in their life. If you take the courageous leap into this training, we promise that we will commit ourselves to support you, teaching you, and enthusiastically encouraging you on your own personal Hero’s journey. This initiatory passage will enable you to create a transformative healing process not only for yourself but for others who come into your field, as well.




We bring together twelve pioneer transpersonal psychologists from around the world for this life-changing opportunity. Through the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions and modern transpersonal study, your teachers will gently guide you through inner exploration, group work, and shared discussions, and assist you to more and more live your full presence in your daily life.


You might be interested in this training out of different reasons. Whether you are a healer who has been engaging in psycho-spiritual practices with clients for many years, or whether you are a mainstream psychotherapist who wants to extend his world-view and his healing capacities, or whether you are a spiritual seeker who is searching for greater meaning in your life, “The Healing Field” training may be just the perfect fit for what you have been looking for.
It will begin in Spring 2019, and will consist of two ten-day sessions, held in the Spring and Autumn for each of the four and a half years. We will meet in beautiful and serene locations in Southern Germany, the Paris countryside, Barcelona, in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, as well as in St. Petersburg and Moscow.




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