• “The Healing Field” is a training program in transpersonal psychotherapy. You will be instructed in
the theory and practice of transpersonal and spiritual development as they are taught by the main
transpersonal schools in Germany, France, Russia, Spain, and in the USA.

With completion of the training you will receive the Gold Certificate of the International Institute of
Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy. The Institute is approved and accredited by
EUROTAS, the roof association of European transpersonal institutes, psychotherapists, and psychologists.

Having completed the training will entitle you to work as a transpersonal psychotherapist, if you
fulfil the basic legal requirements of your respective country. If you don't work as a psychotherapist
and do not intend to either, our trainers will assist you to integrate the acquired comprehension and
experiences into your specific occupation as teacher, doctor, priest, social worker or any similar helping profession.

• Only people who question and involve themselves into meaningful profound inner and outer
processes can become good transpersonal psychotherapist. A therapist with many good tools and
little substantial experience cannot truly accompany another person through a transpersonal process.

• Trainers will set guidelines, framework, directions, and many opportunities for you to work with
transpersonal tools and methods. This will happen in therapeutic settings where you learn and
explore transpersonal skills in order to help people with their forms of behaviour, problems, or
conflicts. You will also be trained to lead others into expanded states of consciousness and to
accompany them in these states. This will help them to look at their life from a much broader perspective.

• A major aspect in the role of the trainers will be to continually support each participant in finding
their own individual foundation as therapists.

• The training is based on “deep democracy “ (A. Mindell), which means that each and every
standpoint will be heard and appreciated as an equally important contribution in the collective
process of the group. Likewise, nobody will be criticised or pushed for any seeming lack or
unwillingness to go further than they want to or to go into another direction than it seems “obvious”
to others.

• Left and right brain activities will be equally fostered. There will be, though, a great emphasis to
allow and trust forces in and beyond yourself, which the comparatively narrow rational mind is not
able to grasp. An extensive part of the process will be to accept and surrender to what you could call
the Greater Wisdom.

• The basic objective will be for you to bring your insights and experiences into your everyday life,
find the courage to allow them into your attitude with friends, lovers, colleagues, plants, animals, and
the planet. The background of the training is the collective planetary situation. There is little doubt that
humanity will either deteriorate or go to a different level of consciousness. Those who are aware of
the disastrous situation will naturally feel that they need to take the responsibility to wake up and
help others to do so. This can only happen, when people learn how to kindle the fire in themselves.
An alchemical transformation is possible, if it grows out of deep suffering or out of your own


"The Healing Field" Introduction
"The Healing Field" Introduction

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