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Contents and information of the training

What is Transpersonal Psychology?

Transpersonal Psychology brings together what is impossible to bring together: Science and the mystery of life, mind and no-mind, psychology and spirituality.
Even if the roots of TP can be found much earlier in time(1), the 1960-80s can be seen the onset of TP. Abraham Maslow saw TP first as an extension of Humanistic Psychology; 1967 a small working group (Abraham Maslow, Stanislav Grof, Anthony Sutich, James Fadiman, Miles Vich, Sonya Margulies) came together to found a new psychology encompassing the whole spectrum of the human psyche. Particularly, the research on extended states of consciousness (“altered states”; “holotropic states”) brought into awareness that the human psyche is much more than a reflection of a “skin- encapsulated ego”; it is inter-connected and part of the cosmic consciousness. This new
psychology should become the fourth psychological approach in addition to psychoanalysis, behavioral and humanistic psychology.
Synchronistically, this was the time of the “Human Potential Movement” and the Hippie culture, which influenced the new Transpersonal Psychology to become not only an academic approach but a subcultural movement which attracted world-renowned speakers, spiritual teachers and psychologists and filled huge congress halls in many parts of the world.
Michael Murphy, co-founder of the Esalen Institute in California, recognized three phases in the development of TP, of which the first one was a movement primarily based on consciousness-experiences. The second one, beginning in the 1980-90s, was more individual-centered: Some dived deeply into the exploration of the old spiritual traditions thereby finding out the genuine psychological potential of some of these traditions. The third phase can be described as a phase of integration of different approaches and a critical review; maybe the publication of the “Wiley- Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology”(2) can be seen as a first result and highlight.

How to integrate spirituality and psychology, how to integrate psychotherapeutic competence and spiritual depth, is still a vibrating question far away from its solution. The team of the Int. Institute of Consciousness-Exploration and Psychotherapy cannot offer an always simple and never contradictory answer, either. The older teachers of the Institute went through these described phases of TP and let come together in their lives psychological exploration and the spiritual discovery. We know that TP always has to integrate the personal and the transpersonal. The spiritual is always bound to the
human body; as a human being you can only experience the spiritual in your physical form. Yet, the spiritual is much more, it is what connects us to the formless, to the void, to eternity.
We teach an enfolding of the spiritual within daily lives which supports sincerity, ease, and
happiness individually and in relationships. At the same time, it contributes to nurturing peace on this planet.

1 - Z.B. C.G. Jung / Helena Blavatski / George Gurdjeff / William James / Roberto Assagioli
2 - Ed. by Harris Friedman and Glenn Hartelius, 2013.

What skills, tools, and techniques will I learn?

The training is predominantly practice-oriented. There will be detailed explanations and theoretical exemplifications which will help you understand the concept of transpersonal psychotherapy. The main focus, however, will be on practising what you have come to understand.
So, you will be many times in the role of the client and as many times in the role of the therapist.
Working as a therapist within the group will help you tremendously to understand the process of a person - from the other side, so to speak.
If you are not experienced as a therapist, there is no need to worry, because you will always be given the basic framework, tools, and methods to work with another person. So, you will be gradually introduced into working as a transpersonal psychotherapist and will have many opportunities to deepen and reinforce these skills.
Next to profound individual and collective experiences, you will acquire for yourself a multitude of transpersonal tools and methods from 12 teachers, who all have long years of working experience.
They will assist and guide you to find your style, your own well-grounded therapeutic attitude, and the methodical set of transpersonal tools which will suit you best and the people which you work or will work with.

Registration and Participation

What are the prerequisites to take part in the training?

In order to take part in the training you need to have three years of professional activity in a social or therapeutic occupation and/or graduated in psychology, sociology, education, theology, or medicine (exceptions might be possible after consultation). Moreover, a minimum of 150 hours of personal therapeutic experience (self-exploration) are required. If you are not sure about your qualifications, please talk to us.

Are there any restrictions concerning the age of the participants?

No, there aren’t any restrictions concerning your age.

What is the registration process?

The first step is to submit a motivation letter with information about your personal and professional situation (you will receive detailed information on the contents of this motivation letter). Then you will receive the training contract as well as the registration form (which has to include a current photo). Moreover, you will be asked to pay the (first installment of the) tuition.

Is there a deadline for registering?

No, there is no deadline for registering. However, for the registration and organization process it is very helpful if you register as early as possible.

Is it possible to start with a later module?

It is still possible to start the whole training with the third module. Moreover, each module of the "Healing Field" can be booked individually. Thus, you have the choice to register for one or more modules if you are particularly interested in their themes and contents.

Can I apply for only one or a few modules?

Yes, you have the option to register for one or more modules the contents of which are of interest to you.
In this case, the fee for each module will be 1,750 EUR. If you are interested in this option, please contact us:

Is there a contact person for questions concerning the prerequisites for taking part in the training, the contents of the training, the personal suitability, health problems, etc. ?

Generally, you are encouraged to address all questions and matters concerning the training. The contact person for all questions related to the issues mentioned above is: Mr Rainer Pervoeltz,

Is there a contact person for organizational issues before. during, and after the training?

The contact person for all organizational issues before, during, and after the training is: Ms Conni Eder, +49-(0)761-475846,, skype name conni.eder1

Is there a contact person for any emotional issues, crises etc. during the training?

If you experience emotional difficulties, a crisis, or any other difficult situation, you can contact anyone of the teachers. Moreover, Ms Magda Solé and Mr Jaume Mestres will be present as tutors at all modules. They will accompany you throughout the whole training and you can address yourself to them with all emotional difficulties. Magda Solé:; skype name: magdasole1 Jaume Mestres:; skype name: jaume.mestres2

What happens if I feel very vulnerable after a module?

You can always address yourself to Magda Solé and Jaume Mestres or to one of the teachers. They will either support you immediately or assist you in finding somebody for a temporary or longer lasting guidance. Under certain circumstances, you yourself might consider to undergo a therapeutic process which would accompany the training.

Is there an ongoing accompaniment throughout the training?

Ms Magda Solé and Mr Jaume Mestres will be present as tutors at all modules. They will accompany you throughout the whole training and you can address yourself to them with any issues that might arise.

Can I take part in the training if I am handicapped or suffer from a serious or chronic illness?

Yes, you can take part in the training if you are handicapped or suffer from a serious or chronic illness after consulting the leaders of the Institute.

Is it possible to get in contact with my peers?

In the first module the question of setting up peer groups will be dealt with. Moreover, you will receive a list with the contact data of your peers.

Do I receive supervision if I want to include the training contents in my professional work?

Yes, you can be supervised either by one of the trainers or by someone who offers supervision according to our understanding of the transpersonal approach.

Costs, Payment, and Cancellation

Is there an early bird reduction?

If you register until October 15, 2018 the tuition will be 12 500 EUR. If you register until December 1, 2018 the tuition will be 13 000 EUR.

What are the costs of the training?

The tuition is 13 500 EUR excluding room & full board. As the training takes part in several seminar centers and hotels in Europe and Morocco, the costs for room & full board will vary. You will find a table with an overview of those costs on our website.

Is it possible to benefit from a reduction of the tuition?

In well-founded cases, a reduction of the tuition is negotiable.

Do I have to pay the complete tuition at the beginning of the training?

No, you can opt to pay in four (4) yearly installments of 3375 EUR (or 3125 EUR with registration until October 15, 2018 or 3250 EUR with registration until December 1, 2018, respectively). Other installments are possible after consultation.

When and to which account do I have to pay the tuition?

If you opt to pay the complete tuition as a lump sum, the payment has to be made until the start of the training. With yearly payments, the first installment has to be paid until the start of the training. The other three installments shall be made at the beginning of each year.

The banking data are:
Holder of the account: International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy Payments from within Europe: IBAN: DE61 6805 0101 0013 0515 58, BIC: FRSPDE66XXX Payments from all other countries: Account number: 13 05 15 58 BIC/SWIFT: FRSPDE66XXX All banking fees shall be borne by the payer.

What happens if I cannot take part in one module? Can I take part in the same module of a later training?

You may miss just one module. As it is not yet decided whether there will be another training of this format, the option to take part in the same module of the next training is not - yet - available.

Lodging and Boarding

Do I have to book the accommodation on my own?

Yes, you have to book the accommodation on your own. However, if you need any support, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will receive the contact data and information on the seminar hotels well in advance of the first module of the training.

Do I pay the accommodation fee to the Institute or to the seminar centerM

You will pay directly to the seminar center.

May I also sleep in a tent, a caravan or a mobile home?

This depends on the seminar center. If you plan to stay in a tent, a caravan or a mobile home, please contact us and we will check it.

Can I have an adapted meal if a have special dietary requirements?

This depends on the seminar center. If you require a special diet, please contact us and we will check it.


Do I have to write a final thesis?

Yes, you have to write a final thesis in order to receive the silver certificate. You will get all information concerning the form and the contents at the beginning of the training.

Do I receive a certificate after the training?

Yes, there are three types of certificates. Certificate „Green“: You will receive this certificate if you took part regularly in the training (just one module may be missed). Certificate „Silver“: You will receive this certificate if you took part regularly in the training (just one module may be missed). Moreover, you have to write a final thesis which will reflect your personal and your professional development process. Certificate „Gold“: In addition to the requirements of the certificate „Silver“ you have to provide evidence that you did 150 academic hours of psychopathology (an academic hour is 45 minutes). This requirement can be fulfilled by appropriate university studies. Moreover, you need 150 hours of supervision by a supervisor approved by I.I.B.P. The formation of supervision groups will be a topic at the first module. And you have to have seen at least five (5) clients (individual or group clients) for three (3) years (300 hours). The certificate „Gold“ qualifies you to receive the EUROTAS Certificate of Transpersonal Psychotherapy (ECTP) by direct award which means that you do not have to prove in any other way that you are eligible to receive the EUROTAS certificate. If you take part in one or several modules only, you will receive a confirmation of participation.

Transpersonal Webinars from November 2018 till February 2019

What is the language of the webinars?

The webinars will be held in English.

What are the Transpersonal Webinars?

The Institute offers a series of webinars in the context of promoting the 4 1/2 years transpersonal psychotherapy training “The Healing Field”. From November 2018 till February 2019, the 12 trainers from France, Spain, Russia, USA, and Germany will give you a taste of what will be taught during the training. The webinars will impart theoretical and practical knowledge of selected topics of transpersonal psychotherapy.

Where do I find the dates and technical information about the webinars?

On this website there is a button Webinars. There you will find the dates, titles, contents and instructors of the individual webinars as well as all technical information concerning participation.

Do I have to pay when I want to participate in a webinar?

No, participation to the Transpersonal Webinars is free.


What is the language of the training?

The language of the training is English. If there are enough people who speak a particular language and who do not understand and/or speak English very well, there may be the option of using an interpreter

Can I take part in the training if I don’t speak English quite well?

If you do not speak English quite well, please inform us and we will find a solution.

Is there a translation into (an)other language(s)?

Generally, no translation is planned. However, if there are enough people who speak a particular language and who do not understand and/or speak English very well, there may be the option of using an interpreter.

Do I receive any support in booking my flights, etc.?

Yes, we cooperate with a travel agency that is prepared to support people with the booking of flights etc. To this, please write us an email telling us when you want to fly/travel and we will contact the travel agency.

Do we receive a bibliography for the training?

You will receive a comprehensive bibliography at the beginning of the training.

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