If you missed the first two modules, you may still join the training in May/June 2021.

The trainers will facilitate and support your coming in.

Moreover, it is possible to book individual modules the contents of which is of interest to you.


THE HEALING FIELD - Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Module 1 – Relationship I

Date: March 28 to April 7, 2019 Trainers: Rainer Pervöltz, Bernadette Blin Venue: La Bergerie de Villarceaux (near Paris/France) If booked separately, please mind that this module may only be booked as a unit with modules 3 and 5. (kleinere Schrift) Relating to yourself and to others. The art of communicating. Learned character and Essence. Exploring your personal way of forming relationships. Working with your breath. Learning how to direct your energy.

Module 2 - Attention and Awareness / Trauma and Wounding as Spiritual Teachers

Date: October 31 to November 10, 2019 Trainers: Dr Sergey Strekalov, Dr Regina U. Hess Venue: Seminar hotel Jonathan (Bavaria, South Germany) Practices of mindfulness. Different kinds of attention. Self-criticism. Biographical self-exploration including pre-, peri- and postnatal experiences. Traumatic symptoms and post-traumatic growth experiences. The inner healer.

Module 3 - The "Old Central". The Mandala of Being. Working with the Dream Body based on Arnold Mindell's teachings. Discovering your Essence.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the module has been postponed to spring 2021. Date: May 24 to June 3, 2021 Trainers: Bernadette Blin, Rainer Pervöltz Tutors: Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres Venue: Seminar hotel Seidenbuch nearby Frankfurt (Germany) The "Old Central". The Mandala of Being. Working with the Dream Body based on Arnold Mindell's teachings. Discovering your Essence.

Module 4 - Shamanic Activation / Crisis, Death and Resurection as the Parts of Life.

Date: September 2 to 12, 2021
Trainers: Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres, Olga Mokhina, Gennady Brevde Venue: Station S13 Hotel, Saint Petersburg (Russia) Shamanic Activation / Crisis, Death and Resurection as the Parts of Life. Shamanic practices to nurture divinity in your life. How to expand your consciousness. How to activate specific patterns of energy. Shamanic rituals. Drum journey. Shamanic breathwork.​ ​​​ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facing the fear of death. Terror of dying. The transformational power of death. Existential crises, depressions, near-death and death-like states of mind.

Module 5 - Transpersonal Integration Therapy / Theory and Research of Substance-Assisted Psychotherapy - Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Altered States of Consciousness

Date: May 12 to 22, 2022 Trainers: Dr Regina U. Hess, Dr Sergey Strekalov Venue: Seminar center Sonnenstrahl (Bavaria/Germany) This module may also be booked separately if you are interested in its topics. ------------------------------------------------- Transpersonal Integration Therapy / Theory and Research of Substance-Assisted Psychotherapy

Sharing experiences of enhanced states of consciousness and their integration. | Psychedelic experiences on individual, collective, and transgenerational levels. | Psychedelics in transpersonal and mystical contexts.
Current research findings on clinical treatments with psychoactive substances – psychedelic-assisted clinical psychotherapy. | Neurobiological discoveries in the effects of substances. | Characteristics of specific substances. | Legal, ethical, and safety issues. | Integration Therapy Skills.
Transpersonal Integration Therapy and Substance-Assisted Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Expanding and complementing the framework of clinical psychology to include integration therapy of altered states of consciousness experiences and the work with substance-induced altered states of consciousness and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. | Essential therapeutic aspects of the use of substances for individual development and spiritual growth. | Expanded states of consciousness and their transformational potential on individual, collective and ecological dimensions. Transpersonal activism, community-building, and social change.
Tools, Methods
Orientation, navigation, and integration skills for working with altered states of consciousness experiences. |Constellation work, psychodrama, and sacred circle. | Body work, movement, breathing. |
Dance, music, and creative expression. | Guided meditation methods. |

Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Altered States of Consciousness

The practice of altered states of consciousness. | Getting the experience of changing consciousness, examples from mystical trends, in religions, in meditation, in shamanism. | Body methods, breathing techniques, increased concentration of attention, labyrinths, visualization on abstract objects.

The benefits of altered states of consciousness. | Internal controls, pros and cons. | Altered states of consciousness and the search for the meaning of life. | Attitudes to altered states of consciousness in world religions, psychotherapy and in modern everyday life.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy
New perspectives on complex cases during psychotherapy. | Methods for going beyond ordinary awareness and transformation of individual problems. | Expanding the psychotherapist’s tools and helping the client attain spiritual levels.

Tools, Methods
Group and individual exercises and processes. | Breathing methods: Christian, Sufi, shamanistic, oriental, modern. | Body and emotions practices, meditations and rituals. | Body practices combined with sacred figures as exemplified by labyrinths.

Module 6 - Primordial Psychotherapy, Personal Force and Integrity – Transpersonal Aspects of Interaction, Partnership and Relationship, Eros and Sexuality

Date: September 1 to 11, 2022 Trainers: Dr Vladimir Maykov, Dr Gennady Brevde Venue: To be announced, perhaps Moscow This module may also be booked separately if you are interested in its topics. -----------------------------------


Taking care of yourself on the level of body, soul, and spirit

Integral inner healing

Spontaneous theatre of personal mythodrama – as a way to integrity and personal force.

Transpersonal work with leadership, partnership, relationship and development of charisma.

Reinforcement of feminity and manhood, sexuality and affinity

Erotic structure of life


Ancient practices of the care of the soul as the source of modern psychotherapy

How to achieve integrity, transforming the ensemble of sub-personalities from producing problems and mental pains cacophony into resourceful harmony.

In-depth aspects of leadership and partnership.

Charisma as an essential quality of the personality. Archetype (Mana) and mythology of charisma and leadership.

Nature and function of eros and sexuality from a transpersonal, integral and process-work point of view

Archetypes of Anima and Animus, their role in arrangement of couple, erotic, romantic and family relationships. How to give and how to attract love. How to avoid illusions and deceits.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Twelve ancient practices of the care of the soul

How to use modern methods of psychotherapy as a primordial psychotherapy congruently to a situation

Spontaneous theatre of personal mythodrama

Transpersonal work with expanded and altered states of consciousness

Tools, Methods

Lectures and sharing, case studies

Applying the 12 ancient practices in individual therapy as well as in group work

Levels and structures of erotic relationship


Breathing techniques

Theatrical and art psychotechnics


Voice technics

Module 7 - My Relationship – or not – to the Sacred

Date: May 11 to 21, 2023 Trainers: Dr Judith Miller, Rainer Pervöltz Venue: Still to be announced, perhaps La Bergerie (near Paris/France) Perspectives of God (according to Ken Wilber): God in the first person – I AM. God in the second person – The Sacred Other. God in the third person – The All – Gaia. Crucial differences between “belief” and “faith”. Commonalities and differences between “individual essence” and “faith”. Collaborating with God in daily life. Collaborating with God in the therapeutic work.

Module 8 - Emotions and Meditation, Psychopathology and Emotions

Date: Autumn 2023, the exact date still has to be fixed Trainers: Dr Olga Mokhina, Dr Stefan Dressler Venue: Still to be fixed, perhaps Barcelona/Spain This module may also be booked separately if you are interested in its topics. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We will support you to find out: Why and how exactly do we close our heart in relation to ourselves, in our work or in all-day-life? And what exactly do we need to reopen it?

Basic understanding and theories of emotions: Basic and superficial emotions, levels of emotional activation – 4 (5) patterns of human perception. Transpersonal approach to emotions. Techniques of emotional regulation. Emotional intelligence. The heart as the gate way for deeper experiences: Overcoming inner splits (e.g. self-interruptive splits, the inner critic). The magic formula of the heart.

This module will touch the very essence of our life: What makes us happy or unhappy, what makes us feel fear, jealousy or grief, go mad or experience pathological states of mind - in other words, it is about our emotions.

Based on a scientific and experiential conceptual perspective we will assist you in essentially understanding the role of emotions and of your heart. This will help you to get in touch with what I call your “Central Drama”. In this “drama” we unconsciously try to move towards something (the longing pole) and also away from something (our deepest wound). But unfortunately the contrary happens: we never find what we are longing for and end much more often with what we desperately attempt to avoid. The “central drama” is the key to reach profounder levels of understanding in your personality and reach out to the innermost core of your soul.

Based on the “Central Drama work” we will also deal with different pathological topics, such as depressive and maniac disorders, anxiety and psychosis. The hero's journey can be used as an inner map in mental crisis.

In all of this you will find answers and certainly new questions about how a transpersonal psychotherapist can work from a truly connected, heartful and emotional level.

We will use breathing techniques, two-chairs-work, impro-theatre-work, dancing, and meditation.

Module 9 - Spiritual Maturity

Date: Spring 2024, the exact date still has to be fixed Trainers: Dr Ingo B. Jahrsetz, Bernadette Blin Venue: Still has to be fixed, probably Lourdata on the Greek island Kefalonia The end of the training: Looking back, understanding your journey. What is enlightenment? Is there a path to enlightenment? Balancing the ego (adult maturity). Spiral dynamics and the theory of memes. Differentiation between a therapeutic and a spiritual path (John Welwood). Important spiritual teachers of our times.


The IIBP invites you to participate in an international training which will provide you with a broad base of all major aspects of this therapeutic approach, which combines a profound spiritual understanding of being grounded in daily life with a very practical methodology to guide a person through a transpersonal healing process

You may book the complete training or individual modules.



The fee for one module of 10 days is 1,750 EUR, for 5 days it is 875 EUR.
If you book the whole training, the fee will be reduced to 1,500 EUR per module.
Room and board will have to be paid additionally at the respective location.

If you have difficulties with payment, talk to us. 


At the end of the training, the IIBP will issue a certificate in „Transpersonal Psychotherapy “

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