If you missed the first two modules, you may still join the training in October/November 2020.

The trainers will facilitate and support your coming in.

Moreover, it is possible to book individual modules the contents of which is of interest to you.



The IIBP invites you to participate in an international training which will provide you with a broad base of all major aspects of this therapeutic approach, which combines a profound spiritual understanding of being grounded in daily life with a very practical methodology to guide a person through a transpersonal healing process

You may book the complete training or individual modules.



The fee for one module of 10 days is 1,750 EUR, for 5 days it is 875 EUR.
If you book the whole training, the fee will be reduced to 1,500 EUR per module.
Room and board will have to be paid additionally at the respective location.

If you have difficulties with payment, talk to us. 


At the end of the training, the IIBP will issue a certificate in „Transpersonal Psychotherapy “

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