Next to profound individual and collective experiences, by joining this training you will acquire for yourself a multitude of transpersonal tools and methods from 12 teachers, who all have long years of working and teaching experience. They will assist and guide you to find your style, your own well-grounded therapeutic attitude, and the methodical set of transpersonal tools which will suit you best and the people which you work or will work with.


The major theme running through this training program on Transpersonal Psychotherapy will be the nature of “relationships”. In fact, Relating is all we do. With partners, with ourselves, with the planet.
We have all agreed that relationships are a primary and necessary factor if healing is to take place.


In every kind of relationship, we are occasionally challenged by our partners or counterparts – challenged up to a point where we feel pushed towards the borders of our personalities. The more intimate the relationship, the more fiercely we might get confused and troubled. It is here that we reach the limits of our familiar structures - and get into states of mind which can be painful and extremely disturbing. Since we don't find any customary tools to cope with the situation, we feel helpless and disempowered. The habitual consequences are that we start a war or withdraw completely or break up the relationship.


This is, at the same time, one of the reasons why relationships occupy such an important place in the transpersonal frame of mind. Here, if we are ready to remain open, have we the chance to enter a space of emptiness, venture into unknown territory. Here are we invited to leave our familiar story, and expand ourselves into realms of essence, learn to rely on forces which dwell beyond our limits of comprehension. Of course, this is not the only way to get there, but unfortunately, it is often through suffering that we become willing to take steps into the unknown -  we cling so much to our habitual forms of living. Relationships are door-openers, and of course not only when they are difficult. 


So, this transit between the comparatively narrow boundaries of your personality and the boundless potential of your essential consciousness will be a major focus in the training. Through the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions and modern transpersonal study, our teachers will gently guide you through inner exploration, group work, and shared discussions, and assist you to more and more live your full presence in your daily life.


But what kinds of relationships are we referring to, and what exactly is the relevance of relationships to transpersonal development and healing?

Each of the teachers will dive deeply into this theme of relationships but from different perspectives, practices, and spiritual traditions.


♦    We will explore the relationship that you have with yourself; how do you self-care, how do you feel compassion for yourself, in what ways do you work with your own shadow, how do you transform your own trauma, how do you open your heart towards yourself, and even perceive your own death and feelings of madness?

♦  The relationship with family members and lovers across the lifespan will be examined. Have your experiences in childhood shaped your patterns with significant people in your later life? Which life passages have most influenced your interpersonal dynamics; are there unconscious factors involved; how exactly do you work with these hidden parts of yourself? Does spiritual development and transpersonal consciousness necessitate that you transform conflicts and divisions to forgiveness and connection?

♦   Your relationship to work will also be clarified. Do you feel a mission or higher purpose in your life? Is your work a mirror of your best self, or do you make compromises and put up a façade with colleagues?

♦    What is the relationship you have with clients, students? Do you see yourself as mentoring others? Is your relationship with clients a spiritual connection, and part of your own spiritual development? Or do you pay more attention to professional aspects? What about transference and counter-transference? Do you desire to heal others? What do you believe about boundaries, energy exchanges?

♦   How do you develop a relationship with your consciousness, your dreams, your shamanic energies, your spirituality: What is the Divine, the sacred to you – is it far away and transcendent, or do you have a close and intimate relationship with it? Where is your faith placed? Can you trust in a higher power or are you unsure?

♦   Who are you as a citizen of the world? Are you affected by collective energies? What is your relationship to your ancestors, your country’s history – both its darkness and light? How much are you in contact with archetypes? How do they live in your soul? Are you open and aware of them, or not?


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.” - C.G. Jung

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